Available courses

Spirituality is the central pillar of Personal Positive Well-being. It can bring a host of benefits to your everyday life, both at home and at school. Knowledge is Power. With our online course, you can absorb the information, skill-set and techniques needed to live a happier, healthier, holistic and Spiritual life.


This course offers an in-depth look at how teachers can harness the power of ICT on a practical level to facilitate and improve their teaching methods. Through better use of technology in the classroom, this course strives to foster and develop the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively utilise an e-learning platform.


Be at the forefront of the New Age, with this exciting new course. A pupil’s first exposure to Quantum learning should be “cutting-edge” and could help them pave their path for personal potential. This Summer, achieve fluency in the language of quantum, for the creation of a brighter Future.

This course offers an all-encompassing treatment of the duties and tasks that are within the realm of the Special Education Teacher. It is a unique course for engaging learning support theory, for acquiring explicit knowledge and for developing a sound understanding of the SET role and its duties. It is an opportunity to stock up on the tools and techniques to assist you professionally, with the keys to unlocking success for all these children under your expert care. 

Join us to discover the essence of Well-being and make it part of your home and work life. Our course is key to equipping children with the skills and knowledge to deal with challenges that impact on their well-being. We offer a myriad of tips and strategies to support personal and pupil well-being.

Bring the supreme joy of Music to your classroom, with our detailed information, instructional sequences and teaching suggestions for working within the Music Curriculum. We explore the various strands through online activities and tutorials, touching on listening, responding, performing and composing. Add an enjoyable dimension to your week’s work.

Stock up on your strategies this Summer to motivate and manage student behaviour. We focus on promoting positive behaviour, and encourage students to be accountable by allowing them to design their own rules and expectations. We provide techniques and tips to prevent power struggles, maintain self-control, set goals, resolve conflict and maintain calmness and positivity.

This course offers a range of positive skills & strategies to promote the teaching of Mindfulness, Well-being & Happiness in the classroom. All S.P.H.E. course themes were chosen to enable both teacher and pupil to flourish intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically. Participants will acquire a set of empowering tools and techniques to enhance their daily living. Weave well-being into your week’s work

This course is aimed at teachers who would like to foster a deeper appreciation and understanding of the 5 strands of the Visual Arts curriculum, while cultivating their own inner artist. The five modules are packed full of inspiring ideas, and we offer a wealth of sample lessons and techniques to awaken and nurture the budding artist. Acquire skills that give you endless personal pleasure, and bring a fun new dynamic to your classroom.

Learn about leadership, the qualities of a good leader and the importance of adopting and cultivating good leadership traits. Participants will be guided to become the best leader that they can and learn the difference between managers and leaders, and how these differences determine the outcome of various exercises. Over the five modules, participants will acquire knowledge to construct and develop a skills management portfolio and relay these to their colleagues and pupils.

The course is designed to examine the significance of self-esteem, self-empowerment & resilience, and their application in the classroom.
It has been specially created to assist teachers in their personal and professional self-awareness and self-care. Key principles of SPHE will be identified and considered, focusing on the promotion of personal development, self-esteem, self-confidence and self-empowerment.

This course is designed to offer a practical approach to Mindfulness and Life Skills in our stressful world. It will develop skills and strategies that lead to higher concentration and attention levels, reduced stress and increased positivity for both pupils and teachers. The course offers a range of ideas, concepts and suggestions for practical use at home and in the classroom to facilitate the teaching of Mindfulness. An ideal course to de-stress in these unsettling times.