Department of Education CPD courses

  • Be at the forefront of the New Age, with this exciting new course. A pupil’s first exposure to Quantum learning should be “cutting-edge” and could help them pave their path for personal potential. This Summer, achieve fluency in the language of quantum, for the creation of a brighter Future.

    Module 1: Participants will be offered a general understanding & awareness of the importance of STEM in the classroom.

    Module 2: We offer an insight into the eight intelligences and explain how to identify the prevalent intelligences within a classroom setting.

    Module 3: We explore the 6 stage SSE process- step by step in detail, using Department guidelines.

    Module 4: The importance of nutrition is discussed to enable pupils to flourish. We examine the benefits of school gardens.

    Module 5:  We ensure that participant's skills in teaching Science are developed through taking a ‘working as a scientist approach’ in the classroom.

  • If you have an interest in Special education, then this course is definitely for you. It aims to offer a series of intervention strategies and techniques that will equip teachers to work in the arena of Special Education. We provide learning support theory and procedures, for acquiring knowledge and understanding of the SET role.   Module 1: We discuss a whole school approach to Special Education and the role of the SEN teacher. Module 2: We offer strategies to cope effectively with children with special behavioural needs. Teaching strategies and interventions are outlined and examined. Module 3: We address SSE and the importance of SEN screening, assessment and effective Student Support Files Module 4: The participant will have a better understanding autism, interventions and teaching approaches that can successfully support the child with ASD on their learning journey. Module 5: The specific learning outcome of this Module is to foster an awareness of inclusion, setting out strategies for inclusion of children with SEN
  • This course offers an in-depth look at how teachers can harness the power of ICT on a practical level to facilitate and improve their teaching methods. Through better use of technology in the classroom, this course strives to foster and develop the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively utilise an e-learning platform.   Module 1: IT benefits. We highlight core benefits of Technology in the classroom and offer a general understanding and awareness of different Google Apps. Module 2: iPad merits. The aim is for the participant to have a greater knowledge of iPad technology, its features and functions, and the options available for use in the classroom. Module 3: S.S.E. The projected outcome is to facilitate SSE discussion and reflection on the importance of enhancing teaching methods, learning skills and leadership of the participants. Module 4: Google Classroom. Participants will be able to create a class in Google Classroom and gain an understanding of classroom navigation and Class settings. Module 5: Web Design. We offer an explanation of Domain names and hosting. Participants will gain an overview of how to install Wordpress, it’s settings and Admin Panel.
  • Participants on this course will learn about leadership, the qualities of a good leader and the importance of adopting and cultivating good leadership traits. They will also be guided to become the best leader that they can and learn the difference between managers and leaders, and how these differences determine the outcome of various exercises. Using the information gleaned from the five modules, the participants will use this knowledge to construct and develop a skills management portfolio and relay these to their colleagues and pupils. Module 1: Leadership Principles. To offer a general understanding & awareness of leadership and its importance in a progressive school environment. Exploring the significance of nurturing leadership qualities in life and in the classroom Module 2: Leaders versus Managers. In this module participants will learn to recognise the difference between leaders and managers. They will explore how effective each aspect is within the school setting Module 3: Adapting Business skills for the Classroom. Participants will look at various skills that are used in the business world and learn to adapt them for the classroom setting. Module 4: S.S.E. Discuss the 6-step process for SSE guidelines. This will enhance the teaching methods, learning skills and leadership of the participants, which will be reflected positively in the classroom. Participants will modify and adapt best practice for implementation in their current school plan Module 5: Skills Management. We will offer the participants an opportunity to look at their own skills, how to rate them and how to make improvements to benefit themselves on a personal level, which can be mirrored in a classroom setting.
  • This course facilitates the exploration of the various strands of Music in the Curriculum through online activities and tutorials. It will inspire confidence in teachers to teach each strand easily and effectively. It will develop auditory skills to show how music can be successfully analysed, and will explore the various aspects of composition. It provides practical examples of good resources to assist teachers throughout their planning for their yearly music scheme.
      Module 1: Participants will gain a clear understanding of the 3 strands of the Music curriculum as outlined by the Department. Module 2: Learn about the history of music from the Renaissance to Modern day masterpieces. Module 3: We discuss the 6-step process for SSE, and the dynamics composers use when creating a piece of music. Module 4: We explore the importance of rhythm in music. and the use of everyday items as instruments Module 5: We examine the appeal and influence of music and explore various ways in which music can be integrated creatively through dance, art, drama and group work.
  • This course has been specially designed to assist teachers in their personal and professional self-care alongside being a guide to introduce Mindfulness into the school curriculum and to the children in your care. It offers a practical approach to mindfulness in the busy classroom   Module 1: We offer an overview of the SPHE programme and the 3 strands. Module 2: We encourage participants to engage in Mindfulness activities. We  invite participants to monitor and register personal stress levels, and offer short term and long term solutions. Module 3: S.S.E. We examine the 6-step process for SSE and Looking at our Schools. Module 4: Communication skills & strategies. Participants will acquire tool and techniques for effective communication, both for personal and professional use. Module 5: Anti-Bullying. We examine the range of anti-bullying skills on offer, and their significance for primary children.

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