Be at the forefront of the New Age, with this exciting new course. A pupil’s first exposure to Quantum learning should be “cutting-edge” and could help them pave their path for personal potential. This Summer, achieve fluency in the language of quantum, for the creation of a brighter Future.

Module 1: Participants will be offered a general understanding & awareness of the importance of STEM in the classroom.

Module 2: We offer an insight into the eight intelligences and explain how to identify the prevalent intelligences within a classroom setting.

Module 3: We explore the 6 stage SSE process- step by step in detail, using Department guidelines.

Module 4: The importance of nutrition is discussed to enable pupils to flourish. We examine the benefits of school gardens.

Module 5:  We ensure that participant’s skills in teaching Science are developed through taking a ‘working as a scientist approach’ in the classroom.