This course offers an in-depth look at how teachers can harness the power of ICT on a practical level to facilitate and improve their teaching methods. Through better use of technology in the classroom, this course strives to foster and develop the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively utilise an e-learning platform.


Module 1: IT benefits. We highlight core benefits of Technology in the classroom and offer a general understanding and awareness of different Google Apps.

Module 2: iPad merits. The aim is for the participant to have a greater knowledge of iPad technology, its features and functions, and the options available for use in the classroom.

Module 3: S.S.E. The projected outcome is to facilitate SSE discussion and reflection on the importance of enhancing teaching methods, learning skills and leadership of the participants.

Module 4: Google Classroom. Participants will be able to create a class in Google Classroom and gain an understanding of classroom navigation and Class settings.

Module 5: Web Design. We offer an explanation of Domain names and hosting. Participants will gain an overview of how to install Wordpress, it’s settings and Admin Panel.