Participants on this course will learn about leadership, the qualities of a good leader and the importance of adopting and cultivating good leadership traits. They will also be guided to become the best leader that they can and learn the difference between managers and leaders, and how these differences determine the outcome of various exercises. Using the information gleaned from the five modules, the participants will use this knowledge to construct and develop a skills management portfolio and relay these to their colleagues and pupils.

Module 1: Leadership Principles. To offer a general understanding & awareness of leadership and its importance in a progressive school environment. Exploring the significance of nurturing leadership qualities in life and in the classroom

Module 2: Leaders versus Managers. In this module participants will learn to recognise the difference between leaders and managers. They will explore how effective each aspect is within the school setting

Module 3: Adapting Business skills for the Classroom.
Participants will look at various skills that are used in the business world and learn to adapt them for
the classroom setting.

Module 4: S.S.E. Discuss the 6-step process for SSE guidelines. This will enhance the teaching methods, learning skills and leadership of the participants, which will be reflected positively in the classroom. Participants will modify and adapt best practice for implementation in their current school plan

Module 5: Skills Management. We will offer the participants an opportunity to look at their own skills, how to rate them and how to make improvements to benefit themselves on a personal level, which can be mirrored in a classroom setting.