On this course, we outline an effective system for managing student behaviour. We focus on promoting positive behaviour, and encourage students to be accountable by allowing them to design their own rules and expectations. We provide techniques and tips to prevent power struggles, maintain self-control, set goals, resolve conflict and maintain calmness and positivity. Stock up on your strategies this Summer to motivate your pupils to learn and succeed.

Module 1: Good Behaviour. We discuss approaches to acquire a positive classroom environment, to ensure good behaviour for learning.

Module 2: Effective Coping Skills. The aim is for the participant to acquire an understanding of the skills required to cope effectively with children with special behavioural need

Module 3: S.S.E. and Goals. The projected outcome is to facilitate SSE discussion and reflection on the importance of problem-solving models and goal setting.

Module 4: Develop Positive Mind-set. The learning objective is to enable participants to develop a positive mind-set and effective coping skills.

Module 5: Effective Communication. The specific learning outcome is to foster an appreciation of the skills and concepts required for effective communication.