Spirituality is the central pillar of Personal Positive Well-being. It can bring a host of benefits to your everyday life, both at home and at school. Knowledge is Power. With our online course, you can absorb the information, skill-set and techniques needed to live a happier, healthier, holistic and Spiritual life.

Module 1: This module allows the participants to discover the importance of spiritual Well-Being, it’s holistic nature and how one can improve their overall well-being & happiness.

Module 2: We examine the importance of nurturing pupils in all dimensions of his or her life—including spiritual, moral, cognitive, and emotional.

Module 3: We assess the 6-step process for SSE, and WSE guidelines. This will enhance the teaching methods and learning skills of the participants, which will be reflected positively in the classroom.

Module 4: We explore and discuss various Spiritual Philosophies around the world, including meditation practices. 

Module 5: We assess the Grow in Love programme. We look at how it aims to help children respond to God’s love through the medium of love, in a school setting.