This course is designed to offer a practical approach to mindfulness in today’s busy world. It will develop skills that lead to higher concentration and attention levels, reduced stress and increased positivity for both pupils and teachers. The course offers a range of ideas, concepts and suggestions for practical use in the classroom to facilitate the teaching of mindfulness.

Module 1: We highlight core SPHE themes, and offer a general understanding and awareness of mindfulness, including mindful meditations.

Module 2: We encourage participants to monitor and register personal stress levels, their cause and effect. We recognise the importance of the child’s self-esteem and identity, and offer empowering skills and techniques.

Module 3: S.S.E. We assess the 6-step process for SSE, and outline WSE guidelines. This will enhance the teaching methods and learning skills of our participants.

Module 4: Problem solving & Goal Setting. Participants will learn skills, strategies and techniques for problem solving and goal setting, both for personal and professional use.

Module 5: Effective Communication and Conflict Resolution. We examine the range of communication and anti-bullying skills on offer, and their significance for primary children.