This course facilitates the exploration of the various strands of Music in the Curriculum through online activities and tutorials. It will inspire confidence in teachers to teach each strand easily and effectively. It will develop auditory skills to show how music can be successfully analysed, and will explore the various aspects of composition. It provides practical examples of good resources to assist teachers throughout their planning for their yearly music scheme.


Module 1: Participants will gain a clear understanding of the 3 strands of the Music curriculum as outlined by the Department.

Module 2: Learn about the history of music from the Renaissance to Modern day masterpieces.

Module 3: We discuss the 6-step process for SSE, and the dynamics composers use when creating a piece of music.

Module 4: We explore the importance of rhythm in music. and the use of everyday items as instruments

Module 5: We examine the appeal and influence of music and explore various ways in which music can be integrated creatively through dance, art, drama and group work.