Our Year Round Courses

Our Summer courses were such a success that we’ve decided to make them available year round. Our rates start at €65 for one, €85 for two and €95 for three. With a refreshing mix of personal development courses, we’re sure there is something for everyone. All courses are facilitated by highly experienced tutors who direct the learning process by answering questions and queries. Buy your courses today!

Mindfulness & Life Skills

This course is designed to offer a practical approach to mindfulness in today’s stressful world. It will develop skills that lead to higher concentration and attention levels, reduced stress and increased positivity for all participants. The course offers a range of ideas, concepts and suggestions for practical use in daily work and home life. An ideal online pursuit for these unsettling times.


Mindfulness, Well-being & Happiness

This course offers a range of positive skills & strategies to promote the teaching of mindfulness, well-being & happiness in daily life. All course themes were chosen to enable participants to flourish intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically. Participants will acquire a set of empowering tools and techniques to enhance their daily living.


Resilience, Self-esteem & Self-empowerment

The course is designed to examine the significance of self-esteem, self-empowerment & resilience, and their application in daily life.
It has been specially created to assist participants in their personal and professional self-awareness and self-care. Key principles of Resilience will be identified, focussing on the promotion of personal development, self-esteem and self-empowerment.


Meet the Team!

Our Year round courses are dedicated to providing great learning opportunities for all. Combining Teaching, Mindfulness, IT, Reiki, Music, Business and Counselling skills, our experienced, multi-disciplinary team have been facilitating workshops and seminars for over 18 years.

Michael McKeever

Julie Ruane

Joan Hunt